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6 top tips to keep your indoor plants ‘Instagram-worthy’

Nothing brings down a carefully curated social media post faster than scraggly house plants. Here are our 6 best tips to keeping your indoor plants ‘Instagram-worthy’. 

1. Take a deep breath 

When using plants as indoor decor make sure that air can circulate to keep them healthy. However, try to keep plants out of draughts and away from heaters. 

2. Go towards the light! (or not)

Keep in mind that each plant has their own unique light requirement. Some will need more and others less. Finding the right balance is key to keeping them looking lush and healthy.  

3. Turn off the tap

Overwatering, rather than under-watering is usually the main reason for indoor plants dying. Most indoor plants need weekly watering, so why not make watering a part of your weekly routine. Pick a day of the week to check your plants. Get to know the likes and dislikes of your silent green companions. 

4. Go fat-free

Fats from the kitchen settle on the leaves, which then attract a layer of dust, effectively suffocating the plants. Smaller plants should be taken outside once a week and hosed down. Wipe down the leaves of larger plants with Wonder Wipes or clean with a mist spray. Invest in a plastic spray bottle and spritz the whole plant; it cleans the leaves, knocks out pests and improves the humidity, which most indoor plants love as many indoor plants  are tropical by nature.

5. Start a feeding frenzy

Plants get hungry too, so feed your indoor plants with a soluble fertiliser like Seagrow or Multisol every two weeks.  Just adding fertiliser to worn-out soil over time will result in a build-up of salts and damage the plant. It’s better to just change the soil mix after three years and replant the plant in a bigger pot.

6. Bye-bye, bugs

Insects can seriously damage your plants, so spray with an insecticide if you have an infestation. If you’re not sure what to use, feel free to bring in a sample to the nursery for us to identify the problem and we’ll advise you on a course of treatment. If after trying all of the above your indoor plants still aren’t looking the part, feel free to bring them to us at Floradale Nurseries. We offer the best expert advice on all things plant-related.

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