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3 essential steps to reviving a tired-looking lawn in time for Spring

Even the most stately and well maintained of homes can be let down by a neglected lawn. Here are our 3 essential steps to reviving a tired-looking lawn, just in time for Spring.  

  1. A low cut, with a firm raking afterwards which encourages new growth.
  2. Aerate your lawn by making small holes in your soil with a garden fork which is referred to as ‘piking’. The holes facilitate the absorption of air, water and essential nutrients into the root system, giving it the best chance of flourishing.
  3. A generous feeding by covering with a nutritious blanket of organic lawn dressing. There are many great products available that will wake your lawn up from its winter sleep, with ‘7.1.3’ fertilizer being a firm favourite. This is normally done in August, but September is still fine for colder areas. However, this treatment should only be applied to runner-type lawns like kikuyu and some of the tougher cynodon grasses.

If your lawn is stubbornly refusing to wake up from its Winter slumber, we’ll be happy to give you some expert advice on taking the next step. 

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